Emotional journeys

Love at 18

by Robbo Bennetts
first published in the Age, 5 December 2000, under the title "Closing the book on my first love"

I went out with Felina for about five months. I nursed my broken heart for about five years. (Can an 18-year-old be so in love?) Later, Felina had babies with a succession of pop stars. Or was it only one? I don't know." Read this heart-rending account of youthful passion and its ugly consequences.

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My mum couldn't jump puddles

by Robbo Bennetts
5 August 2016 

I could not believe my eyes when my mother stood up and walked towards me. Mum had died years earlier. When she was alive, she was in a wheelchair and I never saw her walk. But this wasn't my mother. It was her sister Elsie, who I hadn’t seen for forty years. For a bewildering moment, though, I had thought it was mum. Auntie Elsie extended her hand and said, "Welcome to Africa."