cash flow on the Zambezi

cash flow on the Zambezi

Packaging and selling adventure on one of the world's great high volume rivers.

surfing the Zambezi

surfing the Zambezi

Nothing could top rafting the Zambezi - or could it?

gagging down the Tully. Image reproduced with kind permission of Raging Thunder

gagging down the Tully

There are ten thousand unemployed comedians in Australia and every raft guide in Far North Queensland is stealing their lines.

Shotover River, NZ.

birth of a river guide

Life as a river cat: Robbo Bennetts finds out what it takes to make and break a river guide.




Mt Kosciusko is the last place novices should find themselves during a blizzard, especially when their tent blows away & the snowcave they dig collapses during the night. This true story was re-enacted for Grainger TV's The world around us & screened nationally on Channel 7 on 23 April 2005.


cycling the Kimberley

cycling the Kimberley

Not your average family holiday - braving crocodiles, corrugations & stories of trumped-up corellas during a 6-day cycle through an amazing museum of natural and human history.

CRT dreaming

crt dreaming

Flying home from work the other day, looking down on the shagpile woodland and vast sleeping waterways of Kakadu, I thought ... emergency teaching can be agonising; it can be humiliating; it can be dead boring, but just sometimes, it can be fun.



Surf rage

surf rage

When there are just two surfers out there & just too many waves & one surfer is a soul surfer & the other surfer is a macho surfer, the word break takes on a new meaning.


beware crocodiles, bilharzia, humps

beware crocodiles, bilharzia, humps

Robbo Bennetts takes an ironic look at the vagaries of travelling in darkest Africa.




the orchid-killing fields

We have destroyed, & continue to destroy at an alarming rate, one of nature's most splendid creations. Yet we barely realise it. Don't read this article if you don't want to be seriously disturbed.


hard skills


101 ways to stay warm & dry when it is cold & wet in the mountains

They said it couldn't be done, but nordic skier Robbo Bennetts has come up with 101 ways to make sure you stay within your comfort zone when you find yourself in the mountains.

cave dweller

The art of bivvying

Whether you are caught out, or just want to catch the stars, the ability to bivouac is a valuable inclusion in every serious camper's bag of tricks. This article takes a closer look at how to go about camping overnight without tents.


inner journeys


inner journeys

A big picture: connectedness between outdoor education, landscape & political reality in Australia

How does Australia's mountains being worn away explain Australian citizens languishing in a military jail in Cuba? Read this and find out.


emotional journeys


love at 18

I went out with Felina for about five months. I nursed my broken heart for about five years. (Can an 18-year-old be so in love?) Later, Felina had babies with a succession of pop stars. Or was it only one? I don't know." Read this heart-rending account of youthful passion and its ugly consequences.

cuthbert siblings sm

My mum couldn't jump puddles

I could not believe my eyes when my mother stood up and walked towards me. Mum had died years earlier. When she was alive, she was in a wheelchair and I never saw her walk. But this wasn't my mother. It was her sister Elsie, who I hadn’t seen for forty years. For a bewildering moment, though, I had thought it was mum. Auntie Elsie extended her hand and said, "Welcome to Africa."